The Story of "Mehrbächel"



The toponymy of "Mehrbächel" means various streams, because of the streams joining down the site.

In 1886, Maximilien Vitt buys the little mountain farm composed of a barn and a room to receive lumberjacks and hikers. With his wife, Caroline Grob, he starts a family. One of their 8 chidren, Charles, continues this farming activity and develops the "auberge" side bottling beer barrels and offering lunches, soup and omelette to the growing number of hikers.


In 1912, answering to the demand of the growing number of guests, Charles builds a dining room. The auberge gets a good reputation for its "mountain parties" during the week ends so they decide to offer a single menu every week end. In 1940, the construction of the road until the St Amarin/Geishouse junction, will open the way to the cars, and this is going to be a determining event for the owner's projects.


Juliette, one of the 6 children of Charles and Marie, grown in this atmosphere, gets married to Paul Kornacker in 1961. Both they will continue the farming and the week end parties, family parties and even weddings. Once more to answer the increasing demand, Paul builds 3 little bedrooms to receive the first tourists/lodgers.


Since 1987, their two sons Daniel and Jean-Louis are running this Hotel Restaurant which offers today 23 bedrooms and dining rooms for 90 people.



Auberge du Mehrbächel - 72 Mehrbachel -  68550 Saint Amarin Alsace  +33 (0) 3 89 82 60 68



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